My Perspective.....

Wed Jan 28
If you don’t do anything today towards tomorrow, your tomorrow will be your today.  DAC

Writers Write

I’m writing because that’s what I do. I am a writer and writers write in season and out of season.  I’m still seeking publication…I’ve received rejections but that doesn’t keep me from writing.  Writers write when others are playing, whether ill or in good health, in hot weather or cold, while others are sleeping or whining.  Writers write when children are playing under foot or when it’s so quite that time seems to slow down. Writers write because writing is what we do. I’ve polished my book and I’m working on other projects, as well as, doing the myriad of other task that accompanies writing.  I press on because to stop would mean to cease breathing.  As I said I am a writer, and writers write in season and out of season.